Saturday, April 21, 2012

Versatile Rangometry

Rangometry is an amazing gift from Navnirmiti. A cheaper but having endless possibilities for a creative child...even I love it as whenever I try my hands I have discovered something new from it. Ashna has used it many different ways and designed thousands of designs upto now. Children coming to our house or whom we have gifted it thoroughly enjoys it....but Megh was not that fond of Rangometry upto now. Recently he became interested in symmetry and  making patterns using Rangometry. Upto now me and Megh played only shopping games with rangometry...hexagon pieces became chocolates and in the role of customer i have to pay two half hexagon pieces, three rhombus pieces or six triangle pieces to buy one hexagon chocolate!

Logo just introduced to Ashna before 3-4 days and we planned making program for Rangometry design. It's interesting activity for her now...making designs and writing logo programs for them.

 While children are busy with rangometry i  try to build towers from rangometry pieces, it's good concentration exercise!


Umang Bhatt said...

really nice

fouzia said...

where can i buy these in india ? any specific shop that has a website ? i live in Dubai , UAE , but would like tto place an order .

Sejal said...


You can find this an dother nice maths-sci. kits from

Savya Atrey said...

Fouzia, u need some specific papaer which u can get from a atationery it should be a chart bouncy paper kind of a thing. then u have to cut it in a specific manner to make one of these rangometries. you need to cut in the same shape and size